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Damsels in Distress

“You’ve got your handsome prince – you couldn’t spare him could you?”

From the dark days of yore come ‘Lady Lust-a-Lot’ and ‘Lady Longing-for-Love’. Borne on the backs of ‘Eric and Ernie’ their delightfully drippy dragons, these ‘bootiful’ damsels with their black teeth, spots and long gnarly hair are on a constant futile crusade to find their knights in shining armour and find other little princes and princesses along the way.

Very visual, no language needed!

Damsels in Distress from Swank Street Theatre on Vimeo.

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Animals and Creatures / Puppets / Medieval / Mystical and Storybook / Parades / Carnival / Hallowee’n / Christmas / St. George’s Day / Valentines / Good for xmas events

Historical Themed Act
Illuminated for After Dark Events
Non Verbal Performance
Great for Non English Speaking Audiences
Perfect for Parades

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“Just wanted to say thank you for the Damsels in Distress – they were brilliant, really colourful and hilarious! I didn’t see them at the end of the day to say thank you. The event went really well, and they were key to that, so thank you!”
- Helen Cundy, Southwark Council 

“The Damsels on their dragons were beyond superb with the kids and adults alike.”

- Sally Atkins, Harry Potter Book Launch, Edinburgh Castle

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